The Right Fit For You


You’re a proven professional

One thing you won’t find at Moors & Cabot is a learning curve.  To work here, you must have proven experience in serving your client base, plus an existing book of business. Since our founding in 1890, we’ve subscribed to one inviolate fact: "Nothing succeeds like success."


You’re weary of being told what to sell

It’s the classic investment paradox. Your firm tells you to put clients first. Yet, the moment those words are spoken, you’re caught in a conflict of interests. It’s different at Moors & Cabot. We have no proprietary anything to push. All we ask is that you give each client the benefit of your best thinking.


You have faith in yourself

To get ahead at Moors & Cabot, you’ll need a great deal of inner certitude, driven by a strong belief in the sureness of your ideas. Here, we’re referring to plain self assurance, the kind that builds long-standing trust with clients. Perform effectively for the firm and your clients, and your confidence will pay dividends.


You’re ready for bigger things

As part of the team at Moors & Cabot, you can work as individually as you’d like while retaining access to the tools, research, and transaction support of our clearing and custodial partner (First Clearing1). Our financial advisors call this the best of both worlds. At Moors & Cabot, we’ve proven it is.


You’ve been around the block a few times

It’s a simple equation. Time equals experience. Experience equals lessons learned. Lessons learned equal wisdom. That last quality, wisdom, is what clients have come to expect from Moors & Cabot financial advisors.


You know whose side you’re on

We take compliance as seriously as your clients do. Integrity is defined as adherence to moral and ethical principles and soundness of character, principles we hold sacrosanct. At Moors & Cabot, we’re not looking for the next big thing; we are doing what we’ve done well for over 120 years: investing with our clients and our clients’ assets for the future.

At Moors & Cabot, your success is inextricably linked to our success. If you’d prefer more control over managing each client’s business, significantly greater earning potential, and the opportunity to work with a team of people you actually like—perhaps it’s time you went the other way.

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1. First Clearing is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.

Moors & Cabot is an investment firm located in Boston, MA that specializes in wealth management, investment planning, futures investing, risk management, financial planning and financial advising.

Nothing succeeds like success.