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Michael Spartz prides himself in helping clients in all phases of their personal and financial lives. However, he finds the largest proportion being those either entering into their retirement or those just starting down their path. There are unique needs and concerns for each, with the former 5–10 years out from retirement, focused on building wealth. The latter (those just starting their journey) are often balancing the demands of today while also keeping their future in sight. Both groups (and all those in between) seek a plan to optimize how they use their money today, while maintaining responsible focus on the future. In doing so, they can reduce stress, increase peace of mind, eliminate uncertainty around their finances, and enjoy more clarity on how their money can work for them.

For the past 20 years, Michael has specialized in providing comprehensive financial planning which is focused on these desired outcomes. Plans encompass investment management, asset protection, estate planning, wealth transfer, and philanthropic endeavors. He fully recognizes that as his clients progress through life, their needs and goals evolve.

When clients work together with Michael, they get access to Moors & Cabot’s systems and a financial planning process to create, grow, and maintain wealth. He will work with clients towards a goal of enjoying more freedom and flexibility in their life, which makes it possible to spend more time doing what they love.

Michael’s belief is that with the right financial plan and program, clients can:

  • Be clear on what they can freely spend and know what they need to save to set themselves up for tomorrow as they see it.

  • Make retirement an emotional decision not a financial one.

  • Develop a savings and investment plan that works towards financial freedom.

  • Recognize potential costly mistakes that keep them stuck and struggling (and cost far more than the price of advice).

  • Invest strategically for them, their family, and those people and causes they care about, with a focus on risk, time horizon, and goals.

  • Enjoy the ability to use their time the way they want by providing them with a Retirement Income Specialist to help them use their money as a tool to live a life they love today, while still planning responsibly for tomorrow.

If this describes the kind of relationship you are looking for with your financial advisor, please reach out to Michael for a no-obligation introductory meeting, and he can begin to build the foundation to get you on track for your financial goals.


Background and qualification information is available at FINRA's BrokerCheck website


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