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Vice President, Investments

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Patrick graduated from Saint Vincent College with a Bachelor of Science in Finance in 2012, starting his vast career consisting of many experiences in various industry segments gaining increased responsibility along the way. Patrick is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and he embodies the entrepreneurial spirit in everything he does in life. He believes a vision is necessary in every challenge and task he tackles both professionally and personally. He has started numerou businesses in a few industry segments while always staying true to himself and his focus on profoundly impacting the lives of each person he interactions with. In 2019, Patrick began working for Merrill Lynch as a Financial advisor. During this time, he learned invaluable lessons of how to be a great steward to client’s wealth, health and psychology as well as a thorough understanding what it means to be an outstanding fiduciary to his clients.

Additionally, he learned what makes a relationship with his clients impactful, that in fact it is not one situation or interaction that accomplishes this goal but rather the consistency and intention he focuses on to connect with his clients personally and challenge them directly to help them accomplish their most cherished goals and dreams which makes the impact profound. Patrick focuses on holistic wealth management with a long term investment theory. His clients are people from diverse backgrounds, industry segments and a variety of life experiences. He believes the role of an advisor in client’s lives is to continuously learn, absorb the noise of the overarching economy and translate that into easil digestible knowledge for each person he is in front of to help them gain a better understanding of how the road ma looks to get them where they want to go.

Patrick has a young son he enjoys spending time with. In addition, he enjoys a variety of activities from golfing, working out, watching sports or admiring and driving cars. Patrick is an avid Pittsburgh sports fan with his greatest allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers. In fact, he is a fourth generation season ticket holder. Patrick is always looking for new and impactful ways to be a part of his local community as well as the greater surrounding communities in which his clients live and work.


Background and qualification information is available at FINRA's BrokerCheck website


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