Investment Management

Moors & Cabot Investment Management

Whatever your specific investment and wealth management goals are, your Moors & Cabot financial planner will build your portfolio step-by-step from our wide range of investment products and services—complementing or replacing some of your existing holdings. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight; it’s the result of a consultative, measured process.

We are investment purists at Moors & Cabot, maintaining our objectivity above anything else.

Moors & Cabot does not push down a “house view” on what investments our financial advisors should be using to meet your unique needs. Your financial advisors have access to authoritative sources of information—from research by several major Wall Street firms to real-time financial news and information from around the world to give them the tools they need.

Moors & Cabot is an investment firm specializing in wealth management, investment planning, futures investing, risk management, financial planning and financial advising.