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Our Mission

"To create and sustain a world-class platform (people, process, and technology) and competitively deliver the highest quality service to financial professionals and clients in a great place-to-work environment for all our colleagues"

Our Vision

Financial Advising Founded on Relationship

Our culture and values are held as paramount by our advisors, the executive management team, and particularly by M&C ownership.

"To be a world-class organization, dedicated and committed to helping people achieve their financial goals"


Moors & Cabot was founded on a relationship. Today, our financial professionals carry on that tradition—basing client relationships on a thorough understanding of your wealth management preferences and objectives. They’re experts at it, with successful track records that span a decade or more.

Though our investment firm offers a full range of financial services, our culture is based on the fact that we prefer to be small rather than large, private rather than publicly owned, personal rather than impersonal. We take the "professional" part of our financial professional role very seriously. This is the foundation of the culture we work tirelessly to maintain. We have been doing this for over 125 years... that sets us apart from the rest of the pack.

We believe this culture drives our mission of keeping your interests and goals as our top priority. This is why we provide all our clients with independent counsel—unencumbered by any proprietary products.

We are unique in our history, our ownership, and our management structure. 


Without a doubt, experience is a vital component of an investment firm, but at Moors & Cabot we think experience tempered with wisdom is even more valuable.


To us, wisdom is the result of making good decisions—something Moors & Cabot has done consistently for nearly one and a quarter centuries.


Our focus has always been on doing what’s best for our clients. Our business model demands it.


A proven history.

An eye toward the future.

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