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Time does not mark our history.

Results do.​


In 1890, 13 years before the New York Stock Exchange was where it stands now, John F. Moors and Charles Cabot established a small investment firm in Boston’s financial district.


Its mission then: handle the personal investments of the two founders and their friends.


Through time, that mission has expanded. Today, Moors & Cabot manages the assets of thousands of investors from our Boston headquarters and branch offices throughout the country.

Our message here isn’t just about longevity. It’s also about the experience, stability, and wisdom those years bring to each client relationship.

Simply speaking, we see the value in time.


We’ve done it through two world wars; the market crashes of 1907, 1929, and 1987; countless panics; numerous recessions; the dotcom bubble; the housing bubble; and the daily ups and downs of an ever-changing financial landscape.

Through it all, Moors & Cabot has prevailed. And, more importantly, so have our clients.

While proud of our tradition of proven results, we are still a firm which embraces what is... and what is yet to come. From market transitions to advanced technology, your advantage comes from our combination of nineteenth century roots and twenty-first century capabilities.

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Our Story

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