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Trade management and execution: experience meets science in a proven methodology.

Trading Desk Services


As a unique aspect of our offering to our clients, Moors & Cabot provides access to a dedicated team of Traders. Our in-house Trading Desk Services allow for a depth to our relationships not usually found with wealth management firms, and our Traders are prepared to provide support across a wide array of asset classes, from retail equity and syndicate offerings to fixed income investments and municipal bonds.



  • Retail

  • Institutional

  • Syndicate

Fixed Income


  • U.S. Treasuries

  • U.S. Government Agency Bonds

  • Municipal Bonds*

  • Corporate Debt Obligations

  • Certificates of Deposit

  • Mortgage-Backed Securities

*Interested in learning more about municipal fixed income opportunities? Click here.


At Moors & Cabot, we view Trading Desk Services as more than just trade execution. It means having a team of seasoned trade consultants available to counsel your financial professional about opportunities to replace maturing bonds, limiting exposure, market conditions to monitor, and having the visibility to shop trades across multiple execution platforms.

Moors & Cabot continues to makes significant investments in the underlying technology and order management platforms that support our Trading Desk Services team. We do our best to ensure that our individual and institutional clients benefit from a trading team that has the tools necessary to give them access to multiple trade channels, high speed of execution, and the ability to manage the most complex trading scenarios.

Trading Desk Services publishes and shares their perspectives with the institutional clients, financial professionals, and the public at large. Please visit our Resources & Insights page for more information.

A Team of Experienced Professionals


The members of our Trading Desk have an average of more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. They have experience handing numerous products, including municipal bonds, U.S. Treasuries, equities, and mutual funds. Their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise are outlined below.



Al Aloise

Vice President, Institutional Trading

Phone: 617.423.2065     Email:


Al is an Institutional Equity Sales Trader. He is responsible for managing trade executions while providing a high level of personalized service. He analyzes each client’s needs while ensuring best execution practices and delivering timely market data. Al is a member of The Boston Securities Traders Association and was a former board member where he served as Treasurer for three years and Secretary for one. Al has been with Moors & Cabot since 1984, when he started as an intern and became a trading clerk in 1986 upon graduation from Salem State University. He currently holds series 7, 55, and 63 licenses.



Brad Currie

Managing Director, Fixed Income Investments

Phone: 617.423.2086     Email:


Brad has an extensive background in municipal bond origination, sales, trading, and credit analysis. He brings a deep and varied education in the municipal bond market, making him a strong resource for value-oriented fixed income investing. Prior to M&C, Brad worked for some of the largest and smallest fixed income desks in the country.



Peter Scott

Managing Director, Fixed Income Investments

Phone: 617.423.2086     Email:


Peter brings a deep concentration in municipal bonds. Peter has seen all types of markets and is a valuable asset no matter the interest rate environment. He is a tireless bidder of bonds and goes out of his way to find his clients the best combination of safety and value.



Matt Moore

Vice President, Fixed Income Trading

Phone: 617.314.0321     Email:


Matt generates fixed income solutions for Moors & Cabot’s retail brokers and clients. He executes and monitors trades for best execution and client suitability and creates tailored portfolio proposals for current and prospective clients. He works with a wide array of products, including: U.S. Treasuries, agencies, corporates, CDs, mortgages, structured products, and municipals. Matt joined Moors & Cabot in 2007. He graduated with honors from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.



Joe Cuetara

Senior Vice President and Manager, Investment Banking

Phone: 617.314.0258     Email:


Mr. Cuetara has been involved with the origination, sale and distribution of fixed-income securities for over 37 years. He began his career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston followed by the management of various bond departments in Boston, including Blyth Eastman Dillon and Moseley Hallgarten Estabrook & Weeden. He served as the National Sales Manager at the former Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company in New York City and as the head of Public Finance at Fleet Securities, in Portland, Maine and in Boston.



Eric Marchand

Vice President, Equity Trading – Head Trader

Phone: 617.314.0240     Email:


Eric is the Head Trader at Moors and Cabot. His primary focus is ensuring compliance with industry regulations and that best execution polices are adhered to. He is also responsible for our Syndicate Trading, which includes equity IPOs , secondary market trading , new issue preferreds, and closed-end funds. Before joining Moors & Cabot, Eric held positions as Institutional Sales Trader and Retail Equity Trader, He currently holds series 7, 24, 55, and 63 licenses.



Greg Dunn

Vice President, Equity Trading

Phone: 617.314.0239     Email:


Greg’s primary focus is executing equity orders and to effect best trade execution while coordinating with our Registered Representatives. Products include: equities, options, mutual funds, and unit investment trusts (UITs). Greg has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, including over 20 years with Moors & Cabot, and is a member of The Boston Securities Traders Association. He previously worked as a specialist on the Boston Stock Exchange for BHF Securities and Moors & Cabot. Greg made markets in over 75 different companies and was also a floor broker executing trades for institutional clients. He currently holds series 7, 24, 55, and 63 licenses.


Are you an Institutional Wealth Manager? Moors & Cabot provides SMA and trade management as a service.


Please call 617.314.0239 for more information.

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