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When life's big moments happen, you can rely on your Moors & Cabot financial professional to be there to support you with specialists and advice to guide you through.


Life Events


Moors & Cabot believes that the relationship is at the heart of everything we do. It's important to have a financial professional you can consult during some of the most exciting and difficult moments in your life.

Moors & Cabot provides you and your financial professional access to specialists who can help educate you on the financial impacts of these life events and help you understand the impacts to your financial plan and objectives.​


The union of two people also means a union of two sets of finances. Having a conversation can help get all parties aligned and working toward a new consolidated set of goals.


Specialists with a unique and valuable combination of experience and credentials 


Our specialists have years of experience in their respective fields. They include tax planners, CPAs, lawyers, estate planners, and social security specialists. They also have access to support resources and tools to engage in discussions and deliver the data needed to help you and your financial professional understand considerations and make informed decisions.


Your Moors & Cabot financial professional and life events specialists. An integrated team.


Your financial professional is always your primary contact. If a life event specialist is needed, they are brought into the discussion thoughtfully.

Your financial professional will work with them in advance to brief them on your specific situation and continue working with you and the specialists throughout the process.

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