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Google Hangouts Meetings


Moors & Cabot utilizes Google Hangouts Meeting service for high definition audio and video meetings.

System Requirements:

  • A Windows or Mac PC, Chromebook, iPhone/iPad, or Android device

  • Meet works with these browsers:

  • Video call requirements:

    • Broadband connection to the Internet

    • A built-in web camera or external USB camera
      Note: Other devices, such as virtual cameras, may not work with Meet.

    • A quad-core processor or higher is required to support HD video. 

  • If attending Hangouts meetings from a PC or Mac, a Google account is not required. If attending from a iPhone or iPad, a Google account will be required. These can be created quickly for free by visiting this site.​



On a PC or Mac, there is nothing to install. The meeting uses your supported web browser. If you are attending via iPhone/iPad, or Android device, please visit the links below to download the appropriate app for your device.



Access Issues:

For any account or access issues, first attempt to login with those credentials using You can also get support for Hangouts Meet direct from Google by visiting this link.


If, after accessing the support resources above, you continue to experience issues, please contact:


Known Issues:

  1. Requirement for Google Account for attending meetings from iPhone/iPad.
    Google is aware of this issue and is working to remove this requirement in a future release. As a workaround, create a free Google account here or use a PC or Mac to connect to the meeting, which will give you the opportunity to join as a guest.​​

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