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Our managed investment offerings give you a breadth of investment options, an intelligent model driven approach, and a reliable fee structure.


Managed Accounts


Unlike mutual funds, where a fund is managed for the benefit of many shareholders, managed programs are personalized to meet the needs of each specific account holder. A financial professional can help you choose the type of program that's right for you based on your investment objectives.

Acting in the capacity of a portfolio manager, a financial professional will lead you through the process of defining your risk parameters and then devise an asset allocation strategy designed specifically to meet your goals.

Who is it for?


The Moors & Cabot Managed Accounts program is designed for investors who:

  • Want the customization of a personalized investment program, but also want the underlying approach based on an asset allocation

  • Prefer their financial professional to have discretion to make investment decisions on their behalf

  • Desire a long-term portfolio management through diversification

  • Require flexibility of a portfolio constructed using a diverse selection of investments

  • Want to maintain the high level of professional services and personal attention which is a hallmark of Moors & Cabot

Fees Instead of Commissions


A key difference between an advisory account and a traditional brokerage account is how you pay for the services you receive. Rather than paying a commission for each transaction you pay a fee, usually charged on a quarterly basis based on a percentage of your account’s value.

Program Benefits


Flexibility of investment options and customization of your investment program are just two of the benefits of entering into a managed program. Additionally, fees are based on the value of the portfolio, not on individual transactions. This gives you and your financial professional a predictable fee structure. 


You can also choose how involved you want to be in the investment process or if you want to place full responsibility with your investment professional. If desired, you can be free from the tasks of actively choosing and monitoring your investments.

How does it work?


Click each step below to understand the managed account process.


The process starts with a financial plan.  The planning process is vital to understanding your current investment allocations, contribution sources, and expenses.

For more information on our financial planning process, click here.


Saving for college? Retirement? What are your investment objectives?


The definition of long-term financial goals are critical to establishing tolerance for risk and set the parameters for the allocation strategy.


A combination of your current financial plan and objectives will lead your financial professional  to recommend an investment allocation strategy.  There are nine common models, each with various tolerances or risk and growth. Your Moors & Cabot financial professional will use these as a guide, but will also have the ability to deviate when appropriate to respond to conditions in the market.


Your financial professional  continues to monitor your portfolio and market conditions.  They will work to keep your portfolio in alignment with the allocation strategy.

You will have the ability to monitor not only your portfolio performance, but also the portfolio's alignment to the allocation strategy.  This approach keeps the focus on your progress toward long terms goals.

Getting Started


Contact a Moors & Cabot financial professional today and discuss if our Managed Accounts program is right for you.

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