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Regardless of where life takes you, our wide array of offerings allows us to build personalized strategies to help you reach your goals.


Financial Planning


There are no ready-made financial plans. Throughout our long history, we’ve amassed a vast pool of collective knowledge in financial advising and financial investments. Moors & Cabot financial professionals tap into this well of knowledge and devote considerable time and attention to the development of your personalized financial plans.

Understand our more about our financial planning process here.


Moors & Cabot is a full-service wealth management and investment firm. Using a consultative, measured process, your Moors & Cabot financial planner will build your portfolio step-by-step from our wide range of investment products and services—complementing or replacing some of your existing holdings.

For more information on our types of accounts and investments, click here.


Many investors find a significant portion of their net worth "stuck" in concentrated or restricted equity positions. You may hold restricted or unregistered stock acquired from the sale of your business or in a private placement. You may have inherited or received such stock as a gift.


Tax-sensitivity may limit you even where SEC regulations do not. Significant appreciation of low-cost basis stock—or stock options—may make the sale or transfer of your stock a prohibitive tax event.


Moors & Cabot's Single Stock Risk Management Specialists offer hedging and diversification strategies that can unlock this value, create tax-efficient liquidity, and protect your portfolio from severe market swings.

For more information on our single stock risk management program, contact a Moors & Cabot financial advisor and review our guides in the  Resources & Insights page.


At Moors & Cabot, part of being a full-service wealth management and investment firm means providing services you won't find elsewhere. One such unique offering to our clients is the provision of access to a dedicated team of Traders. An in-house Trading Services Team is rare among wealth management firms, and our Traders are prepared to provide support across a wide array of asset classes, from retail equity and syndicate offerings to fixed income investments and municipal bonds.

For more information on our trade desk services, click here.

Insurance & Annuities


Moors & Cabot’s Insurance & Annuities department prides itself in providing our financial professionals access to one-on-one annuity and insurance advice, recommendations, and access to the top and most competitive carriers and products on the market today. Through our relationships with many of the country's top carriers, we are able to offer a large selection of annuities and life insurance products, including, but not limited to:

  • Life Insurance

  • Long-term Care Insurance

  • Annuities

  • Disability Insurance

To learn more about our partnerships with leading insurance and annuity carriers, as well as how we can provide you personalized insurance and annuity options, click here.

Life Events


Life happens, and the events that occur in your life—both happy and sad—can affect your financial situation in many ways. Moors & Cabot financial professionals can help you navigate the uncertain waters surrounding certain life events.

To learn more about the expertise we can provide through specific life events, click here.



Through our relationship with RBC, we can provide lending, banking, and cash management services, including:

  • Securities-backed Lending

  • Business Financing Services

  • Check-writing and Debit Card Services

  • Online BillPay

  • Referrals for Mortgages, Home Equity Line, and Home Equity Loans

Ask your Moors & Cabot financial professional for more information on our banking affiliations.

Business Ownership


In 2017, Moors & Cabot formed a partnership with Griffin Financial Group, LLC. Griffin is an investment banking firm that can provide assistance with small business valuations and purchase or sale considerations.

Ask your Moors & Cabot financial professional for more information on our business valuation services.

Trust Planning


Our preferred trust partner, Cumberland Trust, is an independent trust company. They provide an open architecture platform as a complementary trust solution for clients who wish to retain their own investment professionals.

Cumberland Trust works as a part of your financial professional's team. They collaborate with your accountant, estate planning attorney, and financial professional.

To learn more about our partnerships with trust planning specialists, contact a Moors & Cabot financial professional.

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