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The M&C Referral Network:

Join the team and earn while being part of building the future. 


Recruiting at Moors & Cabot


Moors & Cabot is growing quickly. With our national reach, cutting edge tools, concierge approach to support, and compensation significantly above the industry, financial professionals are making the choice to run their business on the Moors & Cabot platform.

In today's highly connected marketplace, talent is being discovered through new channels. Professional recruiters and staffing agencies are complemented by technology platforms and individuals utilizing their personal and social networks to connect the right people with the right opportunities.

If you know individuals that could thrive at Moors & Cabot, refer them. Help them get on the path toward more freedom, better technology and support, and higher earning potential. Drive your own earning potential in the process.  


Refer Candidates, Generate Income


We have a very competitive referral bonus program. We have incentives for both initial discussions with qualified candidates, as well as incentives for those we ultimately hire.


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The Tools and Training to Succeed


Everyone can be a recruiter with the Moors & Cabot Recruiter's Toolkit!

We have developed a comprehensive package of materials to tell the compelling Moors & Cabot story to a financial advisor.  

The package includes:

  • A four-part series (the Masterful Move) outlining Moors & Cabot capabilities, helping a financial professional assess key decision-making criteria, and preparing for a transition.

  • A sample balance sheet and income statement to demonstrate to advisors the significant earning potential of our simplified and competitive compensation structures.

  • Our Your Business, Your Way Affiliated Options Guide.

  • A one-page "at a glance" to support initial discussions with candidates.

  • Detailed addendum glossies highlighting succession plans, junior FA programs, our strategic initiatives, and more.

To download a digital copy of the toolkit, click here.
To request a physical copy of the kit to be shipped to you, email

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