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Your needs are as unique as you are. We offer a full range of investment products and solutions.


Investment Products


We are a full-service investment firm. Our financial products and services span the full spectrum of investment options, from financial and investment management to insurance and equity trading. For a detailed list of products and services, please see pages 20 and 21 of the Moors & Cabot Capabilities Guide.

Stocks & Mutual Funds


As a member of the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, we trade millions of shares daily, including:


  • Listed Stocks

  • Over-the-counter

  • Equity Options

  • Mutual Funds



  • U.S. Government Securities

  • Municipal Bonds

  • Corporate Debt Obligations

  • Certificates of Deposit

College Savings Plans


Higher education is expensive. Through our affiliations with premier providers, we offer a range of 529 and other plans to meet a broad set of educational savings needs.

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